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The forms available in the service are grouped in the menu. All forms are in PDF format and open by clicking on the Download button.

In some cases, the matter can be handled as a web service. Separate instructions are then provided in the form description field.

Forms in Finnish and Swedish are available from the Finnish and Swedish pages, respectively. Forms in English are available from the English page. If forms are offered also in other languages, they will be accessible from the English page.

Forms may be ordered in paper format from the address On your order, please enter the form's identifying marker or name, the number of copies you want as well as your name and delivery address.

How to use the forms

The forms in our service are in PDF format. In order to use them you will need a separate programme. The Adobe Reader programme is available free of charge from the Adobe web site. We recommend using the latest version.

There are two kinds of forms: some can be filled out on the computer and then printed, some can only be viewed on screen and need to be printed before they can be filled out.

PDF forms filled out on-screen contain instructions that show up as yellow post-it notes. You open the instruction by double-clicking on the note, and close it by clicking on the upper right corner of the in-struction box.

How to open and print

The PDF form opens by clicking on the Download button.

Please use the print button for Adobe Reader to print the form.

How to save the form.

If you wish, you can save the empty form using the 'Save' button in Adobe Reader. In order to save a filled-out form, you will need e.g. FoxitReader (free of charge) or Adobe Reader (subject to a charge).

Errors when opening the form

If loading the form fails due to a connection problem, an error message will appear on the screen. Reload-ing may cause the same error message to reappear from the cache memory, even if the connection prob-lem has been solved. Empty the cache of your computer to make sure.

Errors may also appear due to the version of Adobe Reader being old or faulty. In this case the pro-gramme must be reinstalled.