Youth unemployment worrisome

The international conference on Changing Labour Markets, Life-Course and Pensions, arranged by the Finnish Centre for Pensions on 19 May, drew nearly 130 experts to discuss issues of growing inequality, rising employment rates among the elderly, the low future pensions of EU immigrants and the importance of investing in education. The keynotes were particularly concerned about the labour market situation of the young.

Read more about the conference in the most recent issue on Työeläkelehti (3:2017), published on 5 June 2017. The English Summary also tells about how working while drawing a partial old-age pension affects your taxation, what the expectations of the forthcoming social and health care reform are, and what the young of today think about pensions and retirement.

Työeläkelehti is a free-of-charge magazine directed at earnings-related pension experts. It is published five times a year by the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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