Pension Ceiling, Cash Rehabilitation Benefit, National Earnings Register and Church Investments

Joakim Palme, professor in political science at the University of Uppsala and son of late Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, argues against a pension ceiling. He points out that, rather than leading to equality, a pension ceiling will widen the gap between different social groups.

Read more about this subject in the English Summary of the most recent issue of Työeläkelehti (1:2015), published on 16 February 2015. The Summary also includes a presentation of the planned national earnings register, statistics relating to working after rehabilitation and an explanation to why investment returns are becoming increasingly crucial for the Evangelical-Lutheran Church.

Työeläkelehti is a free-of-charge magazine directed at earnings-related pension experts. It is published five times a year by the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Download the English Summary (pdf)