Old-age pension claims processed in one month on average

For the first time, the Finnish Centre for Pensions publishes data on the processing times for pension claims. Claims for all pension types were processed faster in the public sector than in the private one.

In 2016, the processing of an old-age pension claim by the earnings-related pension providers took 34 days on average. In one decade, the processing time has been reduced by approximately 23 days.

Claims for a disability pension were processes, on average, in 73 days and claims for a part-time pension in 39 days. The shortest average processing time, 23 days, was for claims for survivors’ pensions.

The handling times in the public sector were shorter for all pension types than in the private sector. The difference was the biggest for old-age pension claims. On average, claims for an old-age pension are handled twice as fast in the public sector.

One reason behind the difference in processing times of various pension providers has to do with how the claims are processed: some pension providers issue a preliminary decision and some wait to receive the applicant’s most recent salary statement.

“In the public sector, the salary for the last year of employment can be easily estimated based on data from the previous couple of years. This speeds up the processing,” explains Tiina Palotie-Heino, Head of Statistics at the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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