More visibility to supervision through joint inspection visits

Together with the Tax Administration and the Regional State Administrative Agencies’ occupational safety and health authorities, the Finnish Centre for Pensions has supervised construction sites in Uusimaa already for several years. The inspection visits have been unannounced.

During the joint inspection visits, each authority supervises issues that are part of their jurisdiction, but the targets are selected together. The construction sites save time when the supervisions are done jointly.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions combats shadow economy as it supervises that employers have taken out insurance under the Employees Pensions Act for their workers.  The aim of the supervision is to make sure that the workers will get the pensions they have a right to. The join inspection visits at construction sites provide up-to-date information on companies working at construction sites and their workers.

Construction site workers are asked, among other things, who their employer is. Based on the data collected with an interview form, the Finnish Centre for Pensions investigates that the workers’ pension insurance is in order. Construction site inspections encourage employers to correct shortages in pension insurance observed in connection with the inspections. Most of the time, the shortages consist of incorrect payroll information.  Each  year, the Finnish Centre for Pensions takes a closer look at insurance taken out by 10,000 employers on average.