Employer – Apply for the A1 Certificate Online

The A1 certificate attests that your worker’s pension and other social security contributions are paid to Finland. The quickest way to get the A1 certificate is to apply for it online.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions grants the A1 certificate. At the moment, there is a backlog in the application processing.

“Unfortunately, it can take us more than four weeks to process an application”, says development manager Karoliina Nurmi (Finnish Centre for Pensions) .

How can you speed up the process?

The Finnish Centre for Pensions is working on clearing up the backlog. As an employer, you can speed up the process by filling out the online application form for the A1 certificate.

“For the most part, the processing of online applications has been automated. In some cases, the A1 certificate can be granted on the same day that we get the electronic application,” Nurmi points out.

You can submit your online application for an A1 certificate for your worker who will work abroad well ahead in time. You can apply for the certificate to be valid, for example, throughout the year. That way, your worker will have the certificate already before going abroad to work. The same A1 certificate can be used for work in projects in different foreign countries. That means that you don’t have to fill out separate applications for the same worker.

Many countries require the A1 certificate

Remember to include the A1 application process when you plan to send your workers abroad.

“In many central and southern European countries, workers have to show their A1 certificate at the onset of work,” Nurmi explains.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions handles applications for an A1 certificate as urgent only on well-justified grounds. In such cases, you have to submit a statement from the foreign country that shows that your employer cannot work or be paid their wages without an A1 certificate.

If you do not apply for an A1 certificate for your worker who works abroad, the main rule of insurance will be applied. That means that your worker will be covered by the social security of the country in which they work. They will not have a right to social security benefits from Finland and will not earn a pension from Finland.

Apply for the A1 certificate online (requires identification)

When do your workers need an A1 certificate?

When your worker works abroad, the A1 certificate attests that their social security contributions are paid to Finland. In that case, your worker:

  • earns a pension from Finland, and
  • gets other social security benefits (for example, sickness benefits) from Finland.

You and your worker don’t have to pay social security contributions to the country to which your worker has been posted.