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Construction Firms Leading Customers of Our Supervisory Department

According to the customer classification made by the Grey Economy Information Unit of the Tax Administration, approximately one fifth of supervision cases relates to insurance unclarities in construction firms that operate in Uusimaa.  

The largest employer group (21%) caught through supervision are construction firms that operate in Uusimaa. According to the customer classification, shortages in earnings-related pension insurance can be found in all fields, but particularly in trade, transport, and the hotel and restaurant business. In some cases, it’s a question of unintentional mistakes while in others, grey economy and economic crime is involved.


Obscurities pile up

Employers who have shortcomings in pension insurance matters very often also have tax debts. In 2017, around 55 per cent of the employers supervised by the Finnish Centre for Pensions had tax debts, compared to 32 per cent in 2016.

The data stems from the customer classification that the Grey Economy Information Unit does to support the planning and targeting of authority operations. The Unit made an equivalent classification for the Finnish Centre for Pensions in the years 2014-2016.

More information:
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