Average Monthly Pension EUR 1,549

The average total monthly pension in 2013 was EUR 1,549. The data is based on statistics for year-end 2013 compiled by the Finnish Centre for Pensions and Kela.

The figures for the average total pension include pensioners residing in Finland and receiving an earnings-related or a national pension. Pensioners receiving a part-time pension or only a survivors’ pension are excluded.


Men receive higher pensions compared to women

In 2013, the average total monthly pension for men was EUR 1,760 and for women EUR 1,376.

Men’s and women’s wage differentials reduce the average level of women’s earnings-related pensions. The gender difference is also partly explained by women’s shorter working lives. In addition, some of the women included in the review have not participated in working life at all or have accrued a very small earnings-related pension. Their pension consists mainly of the national and guarantee pension awarded by Kela.

Pension paid to more than one quarter of the Finnish population

The purchasing power of an increasing number of Finnish citizens is based on pensions. More than every fourth resident in Finland receives some type of pension: old-age, disability, survivors’ or part-time pension.


A total of 1.5 million persons received a pension in 2013. Pensions were paid abroad to 62,000 persons.

Statutory pensions were paid in 2013 to an amount exceeding EUR 26 billion, of which earnings-related pensions amounted to approximately EUR 23 billion.

In 2013, earnings-related pension was paid to 1,409,000 persons. A majority of them, ca 1,154,000 persons, received an old-age pension. The number of persons receiving a disability pension, 183,000 persons, has continued to decline from the previous year (193,000). An ample 20,000 persons received a part-time pension.

Average monthly pension in 2013

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