Average monthly pension €1,632

The average monthly total pension in 2016 was 1,632 euros. Women’s pensions averaged 79 per cent of men’s. The highest pensions were paid in Uusimaa (€1,942) and the lowest in Southern Ostrobothnia (€1,403).

The average monthly total pension in Finland in 2016 was 1,632 euros. This is about 20 euros more than in 2015. The median monthly pension was 1,405 euros, or 16 euros more than in 2015.

On average, men received higher pensions than women. The average monthly pension for men in 2016 was 1,848 euros and for women 1,453 euros. Women’s pensions averaged 79 per cent of men’s, an increase of one percentage point compared to 2015.

Of the working-age population, circa 6 per cent have retired on a disability pension. This is slightly less than in 2015.

In 2016, a total of 29.7 billion euros was paid in statutory pensions, of which 26 billion euros in earnings-related pensions and 2.5 billion euros in Kela pensions.

The data is per year-end 2016 and based on joint statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions and the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

What does the average pension depict?

The statistics depicts the average monthly pension of people living in Finland who receive an earnings-related or a national pension. The figures exclude persons who receive a part-time pension or only a survivors’ pension.

Circa 1,460,000 persons receive a pension in their own right in Finland. Of all persons aged 16 or above, nearly one third (32%) receive a pension. More than 40% of the citizens in nearly every second municipal receive a pension. In 29 municipals, more than 50% are retirees.

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