Master’s Thesis Award

Each year, the Finnish Centre for Pensions will grant an award to a distinguished Master’s thesis on a topic of interest to pension provision. The award of €2,000 will be granted to a quality thesis accepted at a Finnish university in the previous calendar year.

The aim of the reward is to encourage students to do research on pension provision and to promote the teaching and research on pension provision that is carried out at universities in Finland.

Applying for the award

The pro gradu thesis, accepted at a Finnish university in the previous calendar year, can be within the fields of history, mathematics, law, social policy, sociology, economics, statistics, insurance, communication or demography.

The pro gradu supervisers and examiners, as well as the writer of the thesis, can nominate the work for the award.

Enclose the completed pro gradu thesis and the examiners’ statements (both in pdf format), along with the pro gradu writer’s contact information, to the freely formulated nomination.

Application is closed. A committee appointed by the Finnish Centre for Pensions will select the winner of the award.  The winner will be announced in May 2019.

2017 Pro Gradu Award

The 2017 Pro Gradu Award was awarded on 30 May 2018 to Piia Vehkoja (University of Helsinki, Department of Social Research). Vehkoja’s pro gradu thesis reviewed the European Union’s policies and measures within the field of pension policy.

More information:
Susan Kuivalainen, Head of Research