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Working for equality

The gender gap in pensions in the EU countries is alarmingly wide, says Italian researcher Francesca Bettio. The attempts to solve this problem come with downsides.

Twice as many partial disability pension retirees in one decade

A growing number of earnings-related disability pensions are partial disability pensions. In 2017, nearly one third of all new retirees on a disability pension got a partial disability pension. A typical retiree on a partial disability pension is a middle-aged woman who works in the public sector.

Average Monthly Pension EUR 1,656

The average monthly pension in 2017 in Finland was 1,656 euros, which is 20 euros more than in 2016. The median pension was 1,434 euros per month, or 30 euros more than in 2016.

Kati Kuitto.

No easy way to bridge gender gap in pensions

The Nordic countries are famous for their gender equality. Nevertheless, women’s pensions lag behind men’s even here. A research conference to be held in May at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in Helsinki seeks for solutions to this problem. Senior Researcher Kati Kuitto tells us not to expect easy solutions.

Kuvituskuva: Isoisä ja lapsenlapsi rakentavat yhdessä

More than €630 billion in pension entitlements in Finland

The pension entitlements of the earnings-related pension system were approximately 632 billion euros at year-end 2015.  Pension entitlements means the amount of money that is enough to pay for the pensions that have already accrued.  Slightly less than one third of the pension entitlements in Finland have been funded in advance, according to Statistics Finland.

Effective retirement age slightly higher in 2017

According to statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, people in Finland retired on an old-age pension at age 61.2 years on average in 2017. This is about one month later than in 2016. The number of new retirees was 75,000 persons, of whom three out of four retired on an old-age pension.

Samsungin älypuhelin kädessä

One Customer Service as of 1 March

We are merging our separate customer services for insurance of work abroad, international pension applications, self-employed persons and pension advice into one multichannel customer service.


Construction firms – typical customers of the Supervisory Department

According to the customer classification made by the Grey Economy Information Unit of the Tax Administration, every fourth case of supervision relates to insurance unclarities in construction firms that operate in Uusimaa. The following most common employer groups operate in trade and the hotel and restaurant business.

Youth unemployment worrisome

The international conference on Changing Labour Markets, Life-Course and Pensions, arranged by the Finnish Centre for Pensions on 19 May, drew nearly 130 experts to discuss issues of growing inequality, rising employment rates among the elderly, the low future pensions of EU immigrants and the importance of investing in education. The keynotes were particularly concerned […]

Labour market situation of the young raises concern at research conference

How do changes in the labour market and workers’ life course affect the pension provision, and how are pension schemes reformed in different parts of the world?  These questions were addressed at the international conference Changing Labour Markets, Life-Course and Pensions arranged at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in Helsinki on 19 May 2017.

Improved Työelä launched!

The content and structure of the joint website of the earnings-related pension field, Työelä, has been remodelled and improved to help people find the information they need about earnings-related pensions. The new website is also clearer and easier to use – on all devices. It offers basic information on earnings-related pensions and includes examples, calculators and videos […]

Average insured income from self-employment €23,000

More than one of three newly self-employed workers set their confirmed income that forms the basis for their pension  at or near the minimum level in 2016. The share has grown by 13 percentage points in two years, according to statistics from the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Pensions small in Russia

Most retirees in Russia have to work since their pensions are too small for them to get by on. The faith in the pension system has crumbled among the young. A study shows that up to 76% of 18-49-year-olds believe that they cannot afford to stop working.

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