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Changes in our Customer Services

Our Customer Service answers your questions on pensions from abroad, insuring work abroad and taking out pension insurance, as well as general questions on earnings-related pensions, at one phone number. At the same time, our eService has expanded, and you can also contact us via Messages.

Partial old-age pension continues to be popular

The Finnish Centre for Pensions projects that 10,000 new partial old-age pensions will be paid out in 2018. In practice, every tenth person who has turned 61 years will take out this pension early. The majority of those who have drawn the pension are middle-income men who continue working while drawing half of their earned […]

Flexible pension reforms inefficient

Most of Eu­ro­pe’s flexible pen­sion so­lu­tions have failed, argued Prof. Börsch-Su­pan at a research seminar at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in early September. Alt­hough the pen­sion re­forms car­ried out in nine OECD count­ries have rai­sed the emplo­y­ment rates of 55–64-year-olds, the num­ber of wor­king hours has gone down or stayed at the same level […]

Pension indicators in concise package

Pension Indicators offers a concise information package on the status and outlook of earnings-related pensions in Finland. This annually updated report has been compiled for the decision-makers and all interested in the outlook of pensions.

Unemployment still a major risk for elderly workforce

Although more than half of the Finnish and Dutch population who work in their mid-fifties manage to reach their retirement age, there are many trajectories out of the labour market. Reforms in the 2000s have contributed to longer working lives in both countries, but elderly women and low-educated workers continue to run a greater risk […]

The supervision of the self-employed based on 2017 tax data has begun 

The Finnish Centre for Pensions supervises that the self-employed meet their insurance obligation under the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act. If the value of the work input of the self-employed person exceeds the limit set in the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act (€7,645.25 in 2017), the self-employed has to take out pension insurance under the Act.

Pension rights to one million for degree studies

Graduates this spring have taken the total number of people who have accrued pension rights for degree studies in Finland to more than one million. Pension has been accrued for studies leading to a degree since 2005. However the greatest benefit in terms of building up the pension pot comes through job opportunities.

New old-age pensions clearly higher than old ones

Earnings-related pension payments in 2017 came to 27 billion euros, one billion more than in 2016. The increase is explained by the growing number of pensioners and the size of new old-age pensions. The average pension of new old-age pensioners was almost 1,800 euros, with the mean around 1,600 euros.


International conference on Gender Inequalities in Employment and Pensions

One of the keynote speakers at the conference on 18 May 2018 is Prof.  Francesca Bettio, University of Siena. She has a long record of accomplishments working as an expert for the European Commission on matters relating to the female labour market and gender equality. Register for the conference now (the conference venue holds a […]

Master’s Thesis Award

The Finnish Centre for Pensions introduces an annual award for a distinguished Master’s thesis on pensions. The value of the award is €2,000.

Flyer for foreign workers and booklet for applicants of foreign pensions

Are you a foreigner working in Finland, or perhaps an employer who employs foreigners to work in Finland? Our new flyer “Worker from Abroad” will help you learn more about pension insurance in Finland. Or perhaps you are a person who lives in Finland but has worked or lived abroad? When you want to apply […]

Incomes Register under construction in Finland

An Incomes Register is constructed in Finland. It will be launched in 2019. The aim of the register is to ease the administrative burden of employers and to make it easier for citizens to apply for different benefits.

Number of working retirees growing slowly

At the end of 2016, roughly 70,000 persons aged between 63 and 67 years worked. Half of them were also retired. They count for 18 per cent of the population of this age group. Since 2007, the share of working retirees has grown by nearly four percentage points. In the 2010s, the growth has decelerated […]


More visibility to supervision through joint inspection visits

Together with the Tax Administration and the Regional State Administrative Agencies’ occupational safety and health authorities, the Finnish Centre for Pensions has supervised construction sites in Uusimaa already for several years. The inspection visits have been unannounced.

Press releases

Improved Financial Position of Retired Women Relative to Retired Men

The income gap between retired women and men has narrowed in the past 20 years, although the average income level of women remains lower than that of men. This is evident in a study conducted by the Finnish Centre for Pensions and VATT Institute for Economic Research. The increasing proportion of the earnings-related pension shows […]

No Change to Effective Retirement Age

According to statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the effective retirement age dropped slightly in 2015. On average, the Finns retired on an earnings-related pension at age 61.1 years (61.2 in 2014).

Growth in Working in Retirement Stalled

The number of 63-67-year-olds who worked nearly doubled in the years 2007-2013 when the baby boomers reached their retirement age. However, in 2013, the growth stalled: working in retirement has not increased, but working past the earliest eligibility age continues to do so.

Finland near the top in International Comparison

The Finnish pension scheme ranked 6th in the international Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index (MMGPI) comparison published today. Now in its seventh year, the MMGPI measured 25 pension schemes. The Finnish pension provision was included for the second time in the comparison. Last year, Finland ranked 4th.

Growing Income and Consumption of Retirees

The status of retirees relative to the working-age population has clearly improved in the long run. Their income has grown and they consume more than ever. However, the retirees are not a homogenous group; inequality within the group has increased.

Retirement age will rise as planned

According to the projects made at the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the Government bill on the 2017 pension reform will lead to retirement at a later age and a higher employment rate. As working lives are extended, the pressure to increase the earnings-related pension contributions will be alleviated and the average pensions will rise.

Average Monthly Pension EUR 1,588

The average total monthly pension last year amounted to EUR 1,588. The data is based on preliminary statistics compiled by the Finnish Centre for Pensions and Kela for year-end 2014.

Improved Cooperation Between Rehabilitation Actors

Working lives could be extended by increasing the support of the rehabilitation of people with a partial working capacity. The situation is challenging, however, since the liability for the rehabilitation is divided between numerous actors.