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Depression leads increasingly more often to disability

In 2018, nearly 1,300 persons retired on an earnings-related disability pension (up by 7% since 2017). The growth was evident in particular in the number of granted disability pensions due to depression. Two out of three new retirees on a disability pension due to depression were women. Three out of five of them were aged […]

Average monthly pension 1,680 euros

The monthly pension of more than half of the pensioners is below 1,500 euros. Seven per cent get a monthly pension that is higher than 3,000 euros. One in three over-16-year-old in Finland is a pensioner.

Updated pension calculator takes earnings growth into account

The updated pension calculator takes into account the general growth in earnings in Finland, that is, the change in the average earnings of wage earners. Taking into account the growth in earnings makes the result more realistic. The pension calculator is available at Työelä, a website for the general public.

Low birth rates complicate future pension financing

The pension financing outlook is stable for the next few decades. The insurance contribution under the Employees Pensions Act (TyEL contribution) can be kept below 25 per cent of the wages until the 2050s. However, in the long run, the low birth rates will cause a pronounced pressure to raise the contribution rate. The required […]

Every tenth 61-year old chose the partial old-age pension

During its first two years, 23,000 persons (10,300 in 2018) chose to take payment of the partial old-pension. Nearly 90 per cent selected to take out the maximum amount, or half of their earned pension pot. On average, they were paid 790 euros per month. Recent statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions reveals that […]


Gender gap in pensions persist in spite of extended working lives

The working lives of men and women are almost equally long, but women still get lower old-age pensions than men. The problem lies in women’s lower wages and their work history. Extending working lives alone will not fix the gender gap in pensions, researchers at the Finnish Centre for Pensions argue. 

Changes in our Customer Services

Our Customer Service answers your questions on pensions from abroad, insuring work abroad and taking out pension insurance, as well as general questions on earnings-related pensions, at one phone number. At the same time, our eService has expanded, and you can also contact us via Messages.

Pension indicators in concise package

Pension Indicators offers a concise information package on the status and outlook of earnings-related pensions in Finland. This annually updated report has been compiled for the decision-makers and all interested in the outlook of pensions.

Unemployment still a major risk for elderly workforce

Although more than half of the Finnish and Dutch population who work in their mid-fifties manage to reach their retirement age, there are many trajectories out of the labour market. Reforms in the 2000s have contributed to longer working lives in both countries, but elderly women and low-educated workers continue to run a greater risk […]

The supervision of the self-employed based on 2017 tax data has begun 

The Finnish Centre for Pensions supervises that the self-employed meet their insurance obligation under the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act. If the value of the work input of the self-employed person exceeds the limit set in the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act (€7,645.25 in 2017), the self-employed has to take out pension insurance under the Act.

Press releases

Nearly 150,000 Finns took the part-time pension

As a result of the 2017 pension reform, the part-time pension was replaced by the partial old-age pension. A review of the 30 year history of the part-time pension shows that it was particularly popular among white-collar workers. In 2016, every fifth retiree on a part-time pension worked in education.

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Finland in top five in international pension comparison

The Finnish retirement income system ranked 5th in the international Melbourne Mercer Global Pension Index (MMGPI) comparison published today. For the fourth time in a row, Finland topped the integrity and transparency sub-indexes, but the country’s overall ranking fell by one notch.

Every third elderly considers working in retirement

Finns are more increasingly interested in working in retirement. As many as every third person aged between 54 and 62 years considers working after they have retired. In particular, the self-employed, the highly educated and those who are worried about their retirement income are interested in working while drawing a pension.

Low pensions for disabled young people

The average disability pension of under-45-year-olds was 905 euros in 2016. A recent study by the Finnish Centre for Pensions reveals that two thirds of the young disability pensioners got only a national pension.

Changes in work greatly impact pensions and public finances

A stagnated growth in wages would, in the long run, increase the pressure to raise the pension contribution amount by 4 percentage points. In addition, it would increase the distress of public finances. Full employment would raise future earnings-related pensions, ease their financing and remove the sustainability gap. The new scenario calculations illustrate the impacts […]

One third of partial old-age pension retirees not working

The partial old-age pension, a new pension type introduced at the turn of the year, has turned out to be more popular than expected. A recent questionnaire survey conducted on behalf of the Finnish Centre for Pensions reveals that every third person who gets a partial old-age pension is not working.

’I will also get a pension’: Campaign simplifies pension information

The Finnish Centre for Pensions has launched a campaign in which it tells about earnings-related pensions in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The Facebook site includes, among other things, a pension calculator that tells you what your retirement age is and gives you an idea of how much pension you will get.

Pension gap between men and women: €600 on average

In 2016, €26 billion were paid in earnings-related pensions in Finland. That is an increase of €700 million compared to the previous year. A record-high 57,000 persons retired on an earnings-related old-age pension last year. Although the gap between men’s and women’s pensions has narrowed, it is still considerable.

Average monthly pension €1,632

The average monthly total pension in 2016 was 1,632 euros. Women’s pensions averaged 79 per cent of men’s. The highest pensions were paid in Uusimaa (€1,942) and the lowest in Southern Ostrobothnia (€1,403).