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Earnings-related pension contributions in 2020

The central labour market organisations have agreed on the private-sector earnings-related pension contributions for 2020. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will confirm the grounds for the earnings-related pension contribution upon application by the earnings-related pension insurers.

Rural and urban retirees equally satisfied with their lives

Retirees in rural areas have a lower income than those in urban areas, but the life satisfaction of both is at an equal level (7/10). Among other things, homeownership increases life satisfaction among rural retirees. This is evident in a recent study made by the Finnish Centre for Pensions that measured also the perceived economic […]

Online course on pensions in English

The online course ”The Finnish Earnings-related Pension System” is intended for persons who work within or with the earnings-related pension system and who need a general overview of the pension system in English.

International cooperation between authorities matters

The principle of free movement of workers is one of the most important principles of the EU. To guarantee free movement for all while ensuring their social security rights, the cooperation between authorities must be carried out in good spirit. This was established by the seminar of the EU network MoveS that took place in […]


European network MoveS holds seminar in September in Finland

What is the status of cross-border cooperation between European social security institutions today? Where are we heading from the point of view of European experts? These topics will be discussed at the MoveS seminar arranged in Helsinki, Finland, on 13 September.

View the visualised money flows of earnings-related pensions

The pension assets of the earnings-related pension scheme decreased in 2018 by 6.1 billion euros, amounting to 196 billion euros at year-end. The last time the pension assets decreased was in 2011, as a result of the euro crisis. Examine the money flows with the visualisation of the earnings-related pension money flows.

Pro gradu -palkinnon voittanut Natalia Edelmann pitää kunniakirjaa kädessään puutarhassa.

Pro Gradu Award to Natalia Edelmann

Each year, the Finnish Centre for Pensions grants a Pro Gradu Award to a distinguished Master’s thesis. This year, the award was granted to a thesis from the Tampere University on rehabilitation within the earnings-related pension system. The author of the winning thesis, Natalia Edelmann, has a clear vision: she wants to prevent discontinued rehabilitations.

Press releases

Sharing economy and insurance

The sharing economy poses a challenge in terms of pension insurance: when is a person working on digital platforms a self-employed person and when an employee?  A new website, soon available also in English, offers information on the statutory obligations relating to sharing economy.

Age at retirement continues to rise

The average age of retirement on an earnings-related pension in Finland edged up to 61.3 years in 2018, according to statistics from the Finnish Centre for Pensions. New retirees were one month older than the year before. Overall the number of new retirees on an old-age pension was considerably down from the previous year as […]

Men aged 42 highest earners in Finland

Employees’ average monthly insured earnings in Finland are just over 2,800 euros. Women’s average earnings are 800 euros less than men’s. Earnings peak between ages 40 and 50.

Comparison of earnings-related pension investors speaks of fluctuating returns

The exceptional investment strategy of the Danish ATP pension fund proved to be the most successful over the 10-year review period, despite the low returns in recent years. An international comparison of investment returns shows that, in recent years, the returns of the Finnish earnings-related pension insurance companies have been favourable. In the long run, […]

Unique comparison of investment returns

An international comparison of investment returns shows that, in recent years, the returns of the Finnish earnings-related pension insurance companies have been favourable. In the long run, however, they lag behind. The comparison covers the major Finnish earnings-related pension providers, as well as large investors from northern Europe and North America. Read more about the comparison […]

Finland breaks into top three world’s best pension systems

The Finnish pension system is the third best in the world, according to the Mercer Global Pension Index out today. This is the first time Finland has been ranked among the world’s top three pension systems, and the fifth time that the Finnish system’s integrity rating is the highest in the world.

Partial old-age pension continues to be popular

The Finnish Centre for Pensions projects that 10,000 new partial old-age pensions will be paid out in 2018. In practice, every tenth person who has turned 61 years will take out this pension early. The majority of those who have drawn the pension are middle-income men who continue working while drawing half of their earned […]

Flexible pension reforms inefficient

Most of Eu­ro­pe’s flexible pen­sion so­lu­tions have failed, argued Prof. Börsch-Su­pan at a research seminar at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in early September. Alt­hough the pen­sion re­forms car­ried out in nine OECD count­ries have rai­sed the emplo­y­ment rates of 55–64-year-olds, the num­ber of wor­king hours has gone down or stayed at the same level […]