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Fewer retire due to mental disorders

The number of disability pensions granted due to mental disorders has been reduced by one third since 2008. Yet mental disorders continue to be the largest single reason for disability retirement.

Pension Insurance for Asylum Seekers

If the criteria for taking out insurance under the earnings-related pension insurance acts are met, employers must insure asylum seekers working in Finland. The same criteria are applied to asylum seekers as to other people working in Finland.

Improved Financial Position of Retired Women Relative to Retired Men

The income gap between retired women and men has narrowed in the past 20 years, although the average income level of women remains lower than that of men. This is evident in a study conducted by the Finnish Centre for Pensions and VATT Institute for Economic Research. The increasing proportion of the earnings-related pension shows […]

Traditional Media #1 Source of Information on Pension Reform

Information on the pension reform distributed through traditional media – the radio, TV and the press – would appear to reach citizens most successfully. The Finnish Centre for Pensions and Kela conducted a study on how citizens’ awareness of the pension reform is affected by information. The majority of people approaching the retirement age seems […]

Pension Insurance in Brief

Earnings-related pensions provide security in the event of old-age, disability and the death of the family’s breadwinner. Our booklets on earnings-related pension insurance, fresh from the press, are available online and in print in English, Finnish and Swedish.


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