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Gender Gaps in Pensions Vary Greatly Within the EU

The largest gender gap in pensions are to be found in the Netherlands, where the difference between male and female pensions is almost 50 per cent.  The gender imbalance is the smallest in Estonia. Finland is in the middle category compared to other Member States.

Review Untangles EU convolutions

The legislative and political projects of the European Commission affect the earnings-related pension system in many ways. The updated review by the Finnish Centre for Pensions specifies the most significant EU projects relating to pensions and the related preparatory work.

Growing Income and Consumption of Retirees

The status of retirees relative to the working-age population has clearly improved in the long run. Their income has grown and they consume more than ever. However, the retirees are not a homogenous group; inequality within the group has increased.

Retirement age will rise as planned

According to the projects made at the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the Government bill on the 2017 pension reform will lead to retirement at a later age and a higher employment rate. As working lives are extended, the pressure to increase the earnings-related pension contributions will be alleviated and the average pensions will rise.

Pension for the Self-Employed – Confirm the Income from Work Correctly

The confirmed income from work of the self-employed is too often below the actual income. The self-employed should not underestimate their work input in fear of the contributions. If the confirmed income from work is low, it also affects the amounts of the sickness allowance and the parental allowance, both of which are determined based […]

The Finnish Earnings-related Pension System in Graphs and Figures

Do you need central information on the Finnish earnings-related pension system and how it works? You can download a Power Point Presentation on the subject via the website for free. You can also browse through the graphs and figures online or make use of the package via SlideShare.

Pensions Changing Course in Europe

The pension provision in Europe is being overrun by economic policy and free competition, argues Wolfgang Schultz-Weidner, an EU pension lobbyist. The EU would like to increasingly regulate the pension provision of its Member States as pension assets form a considerable part of public finances in many EU countries. Finland is an exception.

Declined Trust in Pension Provision Among Citizens

The trust of Finnish citizens in the adequacy and fairness of pension provision has clearly declined. According to the Trust in Pension provision survey conducted by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, only half of the citizens believe that the pension guarantees a reasonable income in old age, and even less trusted in the adequacy of […]

Rising Retirement Ages in the Public Sector

The pension negotiations led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health concerning the employees of local governments, the State, the Church and Kela have been concluded. The public-sector pension reform follows the agreed pension reform for the private sector.


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