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Already 25,000 Finns drawing a partial old-age pension

At year-end 2019, the number of partial old-age pension recipients in Finland was 25,000, which is an increase of 6,000 from the end of 2018. Nearly all take out 50 per cent of their accrued old-age pension. The average monthly partial old-age pension was 800 euros and the median 720 euros, statistics of the Finnish […]

Average monthly pension in Finland 1,716 euros

The average monthly pension of Finns exceeded 1,700 euros for the first time. In real terms, it has risen by nearly 200 euros in one decade. For nearly 40 per cent of the retirees, the monthly pension was less than 1,250 euros. The number of pension recipients increased in all provinces except Uusimaa, where the […]

Posted worker, are you stuck abroad?

If you are a posted worker and living abroad, the Finnish Centre for Pensions urges you to apply for an extension to your A1 certificate if needed. If you have become unemployed, contact Kela.

Effective retirement age risen clearly

According to the statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, people in Finland retired on an old-age pension at age 61.5 years on average in 2019. This is about one month later than in 2018. A total of 44,500 persons retired on an old-age pension. This is 10 per cent less than in 2018.


Calculator for assessing pension impact of family leave

A new calculator has been published for people who are planning to use family leave. With the calculator, they can assess how family leave periods of different lengths would affect their future pension and compare their pension accrual during family leave with what they would earn as pension if they worked the same period. The […]

2020 release calendar of statistics

The 2020 release calendar of statistics of the Finnish Centre for Pensions is now available. The schedule lists all statistics and publications that will be published in 2020 in a chronological order.

Äldre kontorsanställd samtalar med yngre .

Age structure at work community affects continued working

A work community that includes both young and old workers encourages workers to stay in working life longer, a study by the Finnish Centre for Pensions shows. The extensive study based on register data examined the effects of interactions between individuals and work communities on continued working.

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Women’s monthly earnings 600 euros less than men’s

In 2018, the median monthly earnings of women insured under the earnings-related pension acts were 610 euros less than men’s. The gap was 850 euros in the private sector and 330 euros per month in the public sector. The monthly insured earnings of women were 80 per cent of those of men.

Two pension systems to become one

Private and public pension systems will merge into one pension system. Among other things, the merger will strengthen the sustainability and risk management of the earnings-related pension system and streamline the definition of disability and the criteria for disability pensions.

Increased immigration would strengthen pension finances

In the long run, the declining birth rates cause a strong upward pressure on pension contribution rates. A major increase in immigration or an equivalent reduction in migration, on the other hand, would ease the pressure by several percentage points. The magnitude of the impact depends on the employment outcome of the various groups of […]

Rural and urban retirees equally satisfied with their lives

Retirees in rural areas have a lower income than those in urban areas, but the life satisfaction of both is at an equal level (7/10). Among other things, homeownership increases life satisfaction among rural retirees. This is evident in a recent study made by the Finnish Centre for Pensions that measured also the perceived economic […]

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Three in five self-employed intend to work past retirement age

The self-employed expect to continue working past retirement age clearly more often than employees. The biggest reason for staying on is having enjoyable and inspiring work, but financial reasons come into play as well. Only half of the self-employed feel they are paying enough to provide sufficient pension cover. Some plan to continue working because […]