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Earnings-related pension assets exceed EUR 180 bn

The pension assets of the earnings-related pension scheme grew in 2015 by 7.4 billion euros, amounting to 180.7 billion euros by year-end. The assets grew thanks to investment returns. For the second year in a row, the expenses of the earnings-related pension system exceeded the premium income.

Invoicing service companies – employers or not?

Freelancers and artist are often customers of companies offering invoicing services. These companies deduct taxes, social security contributions and its own service fees from the payments their customers receive for jobs done. Many customers of invoicing companies thus consider themselves employees rather than self-employed. Earnings-related pension legislation says differently.

Earnings-related pension expenditure grew by EUR 800 million

In 2015, statutory earnings-related pensions were paid to the amount of 25.3 billion euros. The amount grew by an ample 800 million euros compared to 2014. The largest average pensions paid abroad were paid to Portugal. The pension gender gap is emphasized at both ends of the income spectrum.

Fewer and fewer able to save for retirement

Roughly one third of the Finnish population has saved for retirement. Although nearly 50 per cent of Finns assess their retirement income to be inadequate, saving has not increased in recent years. The reason is simple: people cannot afford to save for retirement.


Research Exceeding the National Average

The research conducted at the Finnish Centre for Pensions exceeds the national average. In general, the scientific quality of the research is impressive and the research achieves the set goals. The external assessment was commissioned in order to improve operations before the beginning of the next research period.

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