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One third of partial old-age pension retirees not working

The partial old-age pension, a new pension type introduced at the turn of the year, has turned out to be more popular than expected. A recent questionnaire survey conducted on behalf of the Finnish Centre for Pensions reveals that every third person who gets a partial old-age pension is not working.

Construction firms – typical customers of the Supervisory Department

According to the customer classification made by the Grey Economy Information Unit of the Tax Administration, every fourth case of supervision relates to insurance unclarities in construction firms that operate in Uusimaa. The following most common employer groups operate in trade and the hotel and restaurant business.

Youth unemployment worrisome

The international conference on Changing Labour Markets, Life-Course and Pensions, arranged by the Finnish Centre for Pensions on 19 May, drew nearly 130 experts to discuss issues of growing inequality, rising employment rates among the elderly, the low future pensions of EU immigrants and the importance of investing in education. The keynotes were particularly concerned […]

’I will also get a pension’: Campaign simplifies pension information

The Finnish Centre for Pensions has launched a campaign in which it tells about earnings-related pensions in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The Facebook site includes, among other things, a pension calculator that tells you what your retirement age is and gives you an idea of how much pension you will get.

Pension gap between men and women: €600 on average

In 2016, €26 billion were paid in earnings-related pensions in Finland. That is an increase of €700 million compared to the previous year. A record-high 57,000 persons retired on an earnings-related old-age pension last year. Although the gap between men’s and women’s pensions has narrowed, it is still considerable.

Labour market situation of the young raises concern at research conference

How do changes in the labour market and workers’ life course affect the pension provision, and how are pension schemes reformed in different parts of the world?  These questions were addressed at the international conference Changing Labour Markets, Life-Course and Pensions arranged at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in Helsinki on 19 May 2017.


Traditional Media #1 Source of Information on Pension Reform

Information on the pension reform distributed through traditional media – the radio, TV and the press – would appear to reach citizens most successfully. The Finnish Centre for Pensions and Kela conducted a study on how citizens’ awareness of the pension reform is affected by information. The majority of people approaching the retirement age seems […]

Pension Insurance in Brief

Earnings-related pensions provide security in the event of old-age, disability and the death of the family’s breadwinner. Our booklets on earnings-related pension insurance, fresh from the press, are available online and in print in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Increasing Number of People Work Regularly in Several Countries

The Finnish Centre for Pensions decides whether an employee or a self-employed person is to be covered by Finnish social security while working abroad. The number of applications for an A1 certificate for posted employees received by the Finnish Centre for Pensions continued to grow in 2015. An increasing number of posted employees work regularly […]

Renewed Publication Series

The publication series of the Finnish Centre for Pensions will be renewed as of the beginning of 2016. In the future, our expertise will be published in four series: Studies, Reports, Statistics and Handbooks.

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