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Partial old-age pension granted to 12,500 persons in 2017

A typical recipient of a partial old-age pension is a 61-year-old man with an average income from work in the private sector. The average partial old-age pension is an ample 800 euros per month. A review of the first year of this new pension type reveals that almost all applicants applied for a 50% share […]

Pension scandal triggers pension reform in Sweden

At least two premium pension funds are suspected of having defrauded Swedish pension savers of more than 100 million euros.  A reform of premium pension acts, set to come into effect in July 2018, helps Swedes retain their trust in the pension system.

Research Seminars at the Finnish Centre for Pensions

This spring, we will arrange a research seminar in English on the impact of pension communication and retirees’ income. In addition, we will arrange an international research conference in May on Gender Inequalities in Employment and Pensions.

International conference on Gender Inequalities in Employment and Pensions

One of the keynote speakers at the conference on 18 May 2018 is Prof.  Francesca Bettio, University of Siena. She has a long record of accomplishments working as an expert for the European Commission on matters relating to the female labour market and gender equality. Register for the conference now (the conference venue holds a […]

Master’s Thesis Award

The Finnish Centre for Pensions introduces an annual award for a distinguished Master’s thesis on pensions. The value of the award is €2,000.

Nearly 150,000 Finns took the part-time pension

As a result of the 2017 pension reform, the part-time pension was replaced by the partial old-age pension. A review of the 30 year history of the part-time pension shows that it was particularly popular among white-collar workers. In 2016, every fifth retiree on a part-time pension worked in education.

Flyer for foreign workers and booklet for applicants of foreign pensions

Are you a foreigner working in Finland, or perhaps an employer who employs foreigners to work in Finland? Our new flyer “Worker from Abroad” will help you learn more about pension insurance in Finland. Or perhaps you are a person who lives in Finland but has worked or lived abroad? When you want to apply […]


Heli Backman appointed director at the Finnish Centre for Pensions

On 22 March 2017, the Board of Directors at the Finnish Centre for Pensions has elected Heli Backman (LL.M.) as director as of 1 January 2018. Backman will begin working at the Finnish Centre for Pensions in mid-August 2017. Her predecessor, Riitta Korpiluoma, will work as the director of the legal line until the end of 2017.  After […]

Two weeks at the core of pensions

It’s worth coming to work at the Finnish Centre for Pensions from further away. Jan Helmdag from Greifswald, Germany, arrived for a two-week research period at the end of February. 

Kuvituskuva uutiseen osittainen vanhuuseläke

Partial old-age pension averages 900 euros per month

A typical partial early old-age pension recipient is a 61-year-old man who withdraws half of his pension early. The Finnish Centre for Pensions’ monthly statistics for February reveal that a fifth of those benefiting from the new type of pension are self-employed, and three out of four are working or have last worked in the […]

Are Finnish retirees poor?

The income poverty risk is the most frequently used indicator of poverty. The EU has set the income poverty risk at 60% of the population’s median income. With that limit, 12.8% of Finnish retirees faced the risk of poverty in 2014.

International Top Conference on Working Life and Pensions in May

In which ways do flexible labour markets and subsequent life-course effects challenge pension provision and how do pension systems around the world respond to such challenges? Keynote speakers at the conference include, among others, Anna D’Addio (OECD) and Joakim Palme (Uppsala University). The conference will be held at the Finnish Centre for Pensions on 19 […]

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