Ministry of Finance: Funding of Municipal Pensions on a Solid Basis

(14.08.2014 - News)
The financing of local government pensions is on a solid basis. The grounds for premium payments should be reformed, however, as the economic gaps between local governments are becoming wider. This is evident from a report by trustee Jukka Ahtela.

Agreement with India means savings for companies

(29.07.2014 - Notice)
Starting this August, it will no longer be necessary for Finnish companies to pay the 24 per cent pension contribution for every Finnish employee posted to India. The social security agreement between Finland and India eliminates the need for double pension insurance.

Nearly Every Fifth Retiree Working

(11.07.2014 - News)
Many work after they have retired or continue working past the retirement age. According to statistics compiled by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, nearly every fifth retiree is working.

Concluded Social Security Negotiations with China

(19.06.2014 - News)
The second and final round of the social security agreement negotiations between Finland and China were conducted in early June in China under the leadership of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health . The aim of the agreement is to prevent double insurance.

Scarse Active Measures Before Disability Pension

(16.06.2014 - News)
Already ten years before retiring, people on a disability pension had longer periods of sickness absences than others. Yet they received only little rehabilitation, which they received mainly in the last few years before retiring. This fact is revealed in a survey published by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, based on register data and pension application documents.

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