Pension Provision: Practical Information and Understanding

(20.01.2015 - News)
The growing number of pension recipients and the earnings-related pension reform in 2017 increase the need for knowledge about pension provision. The research programme of the Finnish Centre for Pensions emphasises assessments of the effects of past and future pension reforms and the supporting of decision-making.

Working Does Not Extend Periods of Study

(20.01.2015 - News)
Working while studying does not affect the employment of young people after graduation. In general, young graduates attach to the labour markets well. In addition, working while studying does not significantly extend the period of study.

Administration of Earnings-related Pension Insurance Companies Increasingly Transparent

(19.12.2014 - News)
In the future, earnings-related pension insurance companies must keep a public insiders register. The President of Finland passed the laws on Friday 12 December. The act will come into force as of the beginning of 2015.

Working Conditions Affect Extension of Working Lives

(19.12.2014 - News)
Working conditions may act as a motivator to extend working life or they may increase the fear of an early exit from working life. Blue-collar employees are more prone to continue working if they can influence their own work, while white-collar employees are motivated by the content of their work tasks and training at work.

Socioeconomic Differences in Mortality Levelled Out in Disability Retirement

(18.12.2014 - News)
The disability retirement process leads to smaller socioeconomic differences in mortality compared to those generally found in the population. However, Finnish researchers found differences between manual and non-manual workers in some disease groups. The article is published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.

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