Rising Retirement Ages in the Public Sector

(28.05.2015 - News)
The pension negotiations led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health concerning the employees of local governments, the State, the Church and Kela have been concluded. The public-sector pension reform follows the agreed pension reform for the private sector.

Declined Trust in Pension Provision Among Citizens

(28.05.2015 - News)
The trust of Finnish citizens in the adequacy and fairness of pension provision has clearly declined. According to the Trust in Pension provision survey conducted by the Finnish Centre for Pensions, only half of the citizens believe that the pension guarantees a reasonable income in old age, and even less trusted in the adequacy of the disability pension.

EU Commission: Finland Must Adopt its Pension Reform

(28.05.2015 - News)
Earlier this month, the EU Commission published its country-specific recommendations as part of the European Semester. According to the Commission, Finland should adopt the pension reform as agreed.

Years-of-service Pension: Rare Arrangement in Europe

(22.04.2015 - News)
Pension types similar to the years-of-service pension that will be introduced in the forthcoming pension reform in Finland can be found in five European countries. In many respects, the criteria for the pension are similar, but there are also differences. Finland will be a forerunner when it comes to measuring the mental strain of work.

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