Pension Indicators

(14.04.2014 - News)
Starting in 2013, the Finnish Centre for Pensions has decided to begin producing an annual review summarizing the core indicators that describe the development of pension policy.

Double Insurance and the Fairness of Raising the Retirement Age

(10.04.2014 - News)
Double insurance is a severe but common problem as an increasing number of Estonians commute to Finland. What does new research say about the fairness of raising the retirement age?

Renewed Nordic Agreement as of 1 May 2014

(10.04.2014 - News)
The renewed social security agreement supplements the EU Regulation on Social Security, which is adhered to in all Nordic countries. Based on the Nordic social security agreement, the current EU Regulation on social security will cover also the Faroe Islands and Greenland, as well as citizens from third countries moving between the Nordic countries.

Updated Pension Application Forms Now Published

(02.04.2014 - News)
Customers using the pension application forms have helped develop and test the new forms. The updated forms are now available via the Application forms database at and the websites of Kela and the Finnish Centre for Pensions. The forms were updated as part of Kela’s application development project.

Research Exceeding the National Average

(28.03.2014 - News)
The research conducted at the Finnish Centre for Pensions exceeds the national average. In general, the scientific quality of the research is impressive and the research achieves the set goals. The external assessment was commissioned in order to improve operations before the beginning of the next research period.

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