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(01.09.2014 - News)
The website Etk.fi was made for you. That is why we want to make sure that it really meets your needs. Please help us improve the site by taking the Etk.fi user survey. The survey will be open throughout September.

Handling Times at the Finnish Centre for Pensions

(01.09.2014 - News)
As of 1 September 2014, the average handling times at the Finnish Centre for Pensions will be published on Etk.fi. The handling times of applications that have become pending on the initiative of employees, employers or self-employed persons will be posted on the website.

Ensure Social Security While Working Abroad

(01.09.2014 - News)
Social security and taxation while working abroad interests Finns. Employers, employees and retirees are interested in different countries and questions. The role of countries outside the EU is on the rise.

Pension Financing Not Jeopardized by Weak Employment Outlook

(29.08.2014 - Notice)
“In 2013, employment fell while the pension expenditure rose relative to the income from work. Pension financing was not jeopardized, however, as pension contributions rose, pension assets increased and the investment returns were positive,” states Mikko Kautto, Director at the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Ministry of Finance: Funding of Municipal Pensions on a Solid Basis

(14.08.2014 - News)
The financing of local government pensions is on a solid basis. The grounds for premium payments should be reformed, however, as the economic gaps between local governments are becoming wider. This is evident from a report by trustee Jukka Ahtela.

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